Architectural 2D Drawings

Our team of skilled architects, designers, and engineers bring visions to life, creating spaces that captivate, inspire, and harmonize with the environment. From concept to completion, we're your partners in crafting architectural wonders that stand the test of time.

  • We work together to develop a design package that includes all of your wants and needs while considering all Zoning by-law requirements and All countries' Building Code requirements. The development of this package will result in a full construction & permit drawing set that will include:

    • Site Plan

    • Floor plans

    • Elevations

    • Building Sections

    We manage all coordination of the required consultants including truss & floor designs, HVAC designs, structural drawings & grading drawings (if required). This ensures every aspect of the build has been considered and has been coordinated for permit and construction. The permit process is handled from application to permit pickup by our team.